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How to win at the Original Rudolf Martin FanPage Advent Calendar:


You can find day by day some Rudolf pics.
Example looks like:

My version, which you can't see of course
(haven't to mention that the place of the stars changes each day, have I?):

You have to choose 2 Lucky Pics. Each pic has a coordinate, you can see here:

So, if you have choosen AB20 (=2 Stars) and AB01 (= Joker = 15 Stars) you got 17 stars for this day.

What you see is what you get:

All you have to do: Send me an email to fanpage[at]rudolfmartin.de after the 24th of December (deadline is the 31rd of December):

The coordinates for each day will be online only for 2 days!
So, come back daily and get your lucky coordinates ...

Most stars = the winner.

Note: If you missed a day or more ... no problem. You only lost the chance collecting stars that day.

Wish you fun and luck!

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